Welcome to stories of my adventures traveling the globe.  If you are looking for a blog that recounts details on where to shop and eat, this is not the blog for you.   However, if I eat something really fabulous, you WILL read about it like the baklava in Antalya, Turkey!

Mostly I will be recounting what I experience on my trips.  As an educator, I will add in a dash of history.  As a librarian who loves a great story, I will mix in a pinch of local stories whether they be tall tales or factual.  As a rambling rover, I will season it all with the sights and sounds of the wonders I am lucky enough to experience.

My goal is to educate as well as entertain.  Hopefully I succeed!

Being new to blogging, I am trying to work out the easiest way to post my adventures from various trips.  Currently my best thought is to arrange them by categories in the archive.  Click on the trip category you want to read about and away you will go!

So whether you want to travel vicariously or “test drive” a future trip for yourself, sit back and get ready to enjoy the trail.

13 thoughts on “HOWDY!

  1. scott

    Have safe trip.Good chance to see grizzlies during early visit to Yellowstone north end,and wolves in Hayden valley.

  2. Cindy Fettig

    This sounds fun and much cheaper than if I did it myself. I always wanted to walk in your shoes. Tell your husband I am waiting for my monthly flowers as I live vicariously through you. : ) Please add my personal email and send your link just to that one. I don’t check this one in the summer. Have such a good time!!! Cindy

  3. Berta

    So you are off and running again! Good for you! I am envious, but also, I would like to be in your entourage because you are such an awesome and amazing woman to hang with! I had such a great time being on the South African trip with you. Someday let’s have a visit somewhere in the world. I will most definitely follow your blog!
    Have fun fun fun!

      1. Cfettig689

        Hey Christi, so excited for all your adventures and our Sammie’s new found love. I am so living vicariously through you. Thanks for blogging or journaling. That makes my travels much more realistic. 😀 when will you be back. Would love to have your presentation on Africa one last time while I do Thunder Cave. Happy trails!!

        Sent from my iPhone


      2. crcscout Post author

        Yes, I will be happy to do Africa for you one last time 🙂 Do you want me to incorporate some footage from South Africa as well? Got some neat stuff on film!

        Israel is absolutely fabulous. The people are wonderful and everything is so filled with history. I am so glad we came.

      3. Cfettig689

        I would LOVE to see everything and anything you have. Most of these kid will never get out of Zephyrhills so you will be there education for one or if you can come two days. We test this week so any time after that I will take you at your convenience. You are so kind to do this. Can’t wait to see you!!!

        Sent from my iPhone


      4. crcscout Post author

        We don’t get back from Israel until the 22nd so it will have to be after that. I’ll make it a mixture of Kenya and south Africa. I have great footage of elephants, hippos, etc. that the kis will love. I did it for GAT for Sam’s kiddos. The whole first grade had me come back and do a full hour for them. It was fun 🙂

        Miss you and will be thrilled to see you, too!

  4. Pat Beaty

    I’m looking forward to reading your well written thoughts of our Tasmania, Australia and New Zealand trip. It’s been great climbing the Sydney Harbor Bridge, eating dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe and hearing about your travels. Maybe some day we can climb another bridge together. Keep traveling!


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